Our goal is to provide land owners with solutions to their real property needs.

As you browse our web site, we want you to have become a more educated consumer. There is a common myth out there that 2 surveyors will never agree with a common line and that having a survey done on your property may create more problems than it is worth to know where your property line is.

Most people will only order a land survey once in their entire life.

Deciding how to choose the right surveyor to have your property surveyed is an important decision. How do you evaluate which surveyor to hire? As in deciding the purchase of any item, most people resort to price as the deciding factor and will shop around for the lowest price.

You have heard the term “you get what you pay for”. In the survey trade this is very true. If you shop around long enough you will find that lowest bidder and you may decide to hire him solely based upon his apparent low cost. Be prepared to be hit up for extra after extra as the low bidder tries to get full compensation for his actual time and costs to complete his work. Or worse yet, he does a half tempted and incomplete job.

We suggest that you have the surveyor you select provide you with a written work order or contract with the work requested and fee structure established before he commences your project.

You might be under the impression that as a licensed trade we are heavily regulated to protect the public. Not so!

We are personally aware of and have been privy to the details of over a dozen complaints filed on licensed surveyors in the last two decades. These complaints were filed by dissatisfied clients and they were very real issues and for justification. The complaints were for such activities as acts of gross incompetence, violations of not meeting minimum standards, fraud, deceit, dishonesty, etc.

We have never seen a surveyor adequately disciplined as long as the surveyor practices and complies with the minimal drafting standards required by State statutes. If the Surveyor doesn’t comply with these drafting standards he may receive a hand slap monetary fine no matter how bad he messes up your boundary lines. Our firm can provide you a list of individuals who can validate this statement.