We offer a reasonable cost for our professional services.

If your selection process is based solely on price we suggest that you pass us by. There are numerous surveyors in the local area whom have retired from governmental jobs that are supplementing their pensions with an occasional property survey. Their reputation for economy so predicates their practice that some don’t even advertise their services in the phone book.

We don’t find anything wrong with a pensioner working to make ends meet. We as a professional and experienced surveying business have more costs to operate. Those costs included: having an office, payroll for employees, insurance’s, etc. etc.

Licensed & Insured

Make sure that the surveyor you hire has at a minimum workman comp insurance on himself and his family members and also has liability insurance. We suggest that you ask your homeowner’s insurance agent what is your personal liability if an uninsured contractor, whether he is a plumber, electrician or a surveyor, gets hurt or accidentally causes damage to your property.