It seems like everyone asks us if we use GPS equipment for performing our survey work. My answer is we have the capability to utilize this equipment but we choose not to as I am not satisfied with the degree of accuracy that is obtained.

My Client’s deserve the best degree of accuracy and assurance of measurements and placement of they’re property corners. GPS does provide for speed and should result in lower costs.

My analogy is a comparison of tools.

GPS is a tool and it like that of a chain saw. I can cut your firewood very quickly with my chain saw but if your interested in me cutting your expensive oak trim boards for your kitchen cabinets I will utilize my compound miter saw. GPS like the chain saw is for rough work. I prefer neatness and making things fit correctly and as accurately as I possibly can. Therefore, I chose to use my old reliable conventional equipment to measure distances and turn angles.

We have retraced numerous surveys performed by other surveyors that use GPS equipment.

Using GPS equipment allows a surveyor to measure quickly and cheaply but the accuracy is very limited and not achievable in the dense woods or in the urban canyons along buildings. We have discovered spatial measurement discrepancies from 1 to as much as 22 feet in the positions that these surveyors have set property corners. Our measurement accuracy are typically within +/- 3/8” per 1/2 mile of measured length. Are you willing to give up a foot or two of your valuable land?